The Quintessential Britishness of The King’s Speech

King's Speech

Having just returned from seeing the truly excellent The King's Speech, my good friend and Anglophile par excellence Dick Buenneke sent me a link to the latest column in The Economist by Bagehot – a man/woman who should know about all things peculiar about Britain and the British, and can be read here:

I fully understand Bagehot's point, so it is all the more puzzling to me that The King's Speech is the only movie I have seen in my four-or-so years in Alabama that received an applause from the audience as the credits began to roll.

America rightly rejected the claim of divine British rule in the late 18th century, and fought dearly to rid themselves of it. In 21st century America it seems that you cannot escape Royal-mania between the forthcoming nuptials of William and Kate and the Oscar-worthy The King's Speech. What is an anti-monarchist Brit living in America to do?

I cannot recommend the movie and the Bagehot column enough, though see the movie first if you have not done so already.

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