Toward a Theory of Spacepower

Toward a Theory of Spacepower (NDU Press, 2011)

After several years of editorial limbo, the National Defense University (NDU) Press has finally published the volume of essays titled Toward a Theory of Spacepower: Selected Essays, edited by Charles D. Lutes and Peter L. Hays.

There are many fine essays in this volume, particularly by my esteemed SAASS colleague and friend Harold R. Winton, and others by Jon T. Sumida, Scott Pace, and John M. Collins. And, there is also an essay authored by Colin S. Gray and I titled “Theory Ascendant? Spacepower and the Challenge of Strategic Theory.”


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2 responses to “Toward a Theory of Spacepower

  1. Robert Ehlers

    Hi John! I’ve been using “Theory Ascendant?” for two years in my course on Intelligence, Grand Strategy, and Rationality for the past two years. It used to be on the NDU website as an open-source document, but all the links are broken. Is there any possibility I can get a link and/or permission from you to use it? Thanks!

    I hope you’re prospering!

    Rob Ehlers

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