Adam Baddeley, 1972-2013


I received very sad and shocking news today that my old friend Adam Baddeley died aged 40 on Tuesday, 2 April 2013.

Adam and I were at the University of Hull together in the early- to mid-1990s, and with his geeky obsession with all things military, insightful intelligence and wicked sense of humor, we soon became good friends. I especially remember his fantastic Colonel Blimp impressions and skits that would have us all in tears of laughter, and his obvious discomfiture upon visiting a … okay, that one I’ll tell over a beer, but it was funny – believe me!

As well as being one of the funniest people I’ve known, Adam was also one of the kindest and most thoughtful friends I’ve had the privilege to know. I greatly regret that over the past few years we both kept in touch only occasionally.

During his time at university Adam met and married Andrea, and was utterly devoted to her. I attended their beautiful wedding in East Anglia, where they made their home, and remember seeing him as the happiest and luckiest guy on the planet.

Adam went on to become an iconic defense journalist, and at the time of his untimely passing was editor of the Asian Military Review.

Adam left us all far too soon, and my thoughts and prayers are with Andrea, and their children Martha and Rufus.

Rest in Peace my friend …


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2 responses to “Adam Baddeley, 1972-2013

  1. Alexander

    Hear hear. He was a good egg, a very kind man, and knew more about defence tech than most folk I know… RIP Adam.

  2. Ian

    Appalling and extraordinarily sad news.

    Hadn’t seen Adam for more than 10 years, but somehow always thought there would be time to catch up. Salutory and awful that this won’t be possible.

    Thoughts very much with all his friends and family.

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