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Realism Endures: Why States Seek Digital Arms and Will Continue to Do So


I posted earlier today about my forthcoming participation in the Citizen Lab’s Cyber Dialogue 2013 in Toronto, 17-18 March. The Director of the Citizen Lab, Ron Deibert, invited a number of participants (including yours truly) to write blog posts for the Dialogue in order to spur discussion and debate.

My contribution, “Realism Endures: Why States Seek Digital Arms and Will Continue to Do So,” can be found here. In this short essay I make a classical realist argument that states are the primary actors in cyberspace, and that cyberspace compounds state insecurity. So long as insecurity persists in international politics it is only logical – and tragic in the spirit of the Ancient Greeks – that states will continue to seek out digital arms in order to mitigate the anarchy.

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Cyber Dialogue 2013, Citizen Lab/University of Toronto, 17-18 March

Cyber Dialogue 2013

I shall be participating in this year’s Cyber Dialogue, hosted and organized by the University of Toronto‘s Citizen Lab, on 17-18 March.

The event is put together by my friend and colleague Ron Deibert, and is one of the most unique and fruitful get-together’s in the cyber community.

I hope to see you there!

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